Summer is just around the corner and we are gearing up for the heat!

Here at Wapato Point Resort, we’re ready to share water play, outdoor activities, and warm summer nights with our guests. We can’t wait for you to bring the family out to join us this summer!

Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boards are a great way to strengthen your core, build stamina, and soak up some vitamin D. The reasons to do this leisurely sport are almost endless which is why you’ll be able to get your hands on one of our many stand up paddle boards at the Kiosk this summer. At Wapato Point Resort, we offer a lot of outdoor gear, but paddle boarding is especially great if you’re looking for a more mindful way to enjoy our crystal blue waters.


Tennis is a sport that requires agility and strength met with speed and coordination. All of this adds up to a wonderful outdoor summer workout that’s great to play with the ones you love! At the Kiosk here, you’ll be able to get your hands on some racquets and play the afternoon away. Grab your friends and compete on one of our many courts. Playing tennis can really brighten a person’s day. We guarantee it!


Kayaking is a strengthening water sport enjoyed by many, but it also has tremendous benefits for your heart, joints, and entire body! It doesn’t matter if you’re a recreational paddler or a determined athlete, kayaking will offer you so much! The Kiosk at Wapato Point Resort has lots to pick from so you can take on the lake with your friends and see the shores while floating on the water at your set pace!


If you came to our resort to unplug from the demands of life, getting back to nature is easy here. Enjoy the excitement of luring in a big fish by renting a pole from us. Turn off the email notifications for the morning and go fishing with the kiddos. Start your day with a stroll down to our shores, bait your hook, bask in a relaxing wait, then battle a trout as you reel in the line.

Come for a visit

The weather is on our side, the lake is warming up, and the hustle & bustle has started! There is nothing like Wapato Point Resort in the summer. We certainly hope that we’ll be able to share in the joy of summer with you and your loved ones soon!