Tennis Courts
Tennis anyone? An activity that definitely sets us apart from other resorts in the area is our six lighted, plexi-paved, tennis courts. It’s simply another way to make sure our guests have the widest range of activities to select from when they stay at Wapato Point. Tennis racquets and balls are available for rent at the KIOSK.

Don’t fall into your opponents “kitchen”!  Pickleball is truly a game for all ages, shapes and skill levels.  Pickleball is a combination of badminton, ping-pong and tennis.  Players use a paddle that is reminiscent of ping-pong paddles, but is bigger and usually made of more advanced materials. The ball used is very similar to a plastic whiffle ball with holes covering the surface. Pickleball can be played as singles or doubles, just like tennis.  Come give it a try on our new pickleball courts – it will be a smash!

How about a friendly game of “h-o-r-s-e” or a tournament of 3-on-3? A little bit of healthy competition makes for great family get-togethers, and is the fabric from which good stories are woven.

We have a basketball court by the tennis courts as well as one next to the volleyball pits at the Chelan side beach.  Basketballs may be checked out at the KIOSK.

If basketball isn’t your game, how about a game of volleyball? There are two courts, one in the sand for hard core beach ball and one in the grass for a family-friendly game. Gear may be checked out at the KIOSK.

With seven outdoor pools available during the summer months, one indoor Olympic sized pool available year round (with an exception of one week shut down for maintenance), and one GIANT lake…. Swimming is our thing!

A great way to get some light exercise while you are staying at Wapato Point is to use our 1.5 mile walking trail. Start at the front office, around the Point, and back up again.

Again… and we never tire of saying it…
We are the only resort in the Lake Chelan Valley that can offer so much.