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A Written Tour of Wapato Point Resort

Outdoor pool overlooking the lake

We’re so excited about the hustle and bustle happening at Wapato Point Resort! There are seemingly endless activities here and our guests never feel bored. Here’s a list of the main attractions designed for your enjoyment!


People love our tennis courts. Play for hours with friends, enjoy some friendly competition, and burn a good amount of calories while at it! We also now offer pickleball – stop by the kiosk and we’ll get you set up. Located by the entrance, you can’t miss these sports courts – perfect for the whole family!


Here at Wapato Point Resort, we make your pool dreams come true! As you enter, you’ll see the first one directly to your right. The next pool is not far from this and sits pretty behind the sales office. Nestled in front of The Lodge condos is where the third one can be found, with the forth pool positioned just a little more south in the Nekquelekin condos area. On the opposite side of the Nekquelekin condos is Lakeside lodging. Here you’ll find the one pool that capitalizes on the up-lake view. The final two remaining pools are for privately booked residents and homeowners. These two pools can be found in the center of the private neighborhood and the privately owned condos.


Near the RV and boat trailer parking is where dinner is served! Wapato Point Cellars offers guests gourmet food, incredible wine, and a relaxed atmosphere. Being the only winery on Wapato Point itself, visitors enjoy walking from their vacation home or condo to imbibe together. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. Convenience meets excellent when you stay with us.


On the shores of Manson Bay where the land starts to jet out into the lake is where our Kiosk is planted. This is where we deck you out with all sorts of water equipment. Kayaks, paddle boards, fishing gear, you name it! It’s all available for rent right there on site.


If you find yourself visiting the Kiosk, hop on over to putt-putt golf. Only a short walk from water rentals you’ll find this miniature course on the waterfront. Gather your family, friends, and anyone else you might meet to see who wins the game! Catch some rays and play some golf with us.


Maybe one of the best perks of the point is The Beach Bar! Located near the Chelan-side beach with stunning views, The Shack features made-to-order burgers and hotdogs. Not feeling a heavy meal? There’s french fries, ice cream, and more to cure your vacation cravings. You’ll love this set up so much!


If you came to Wapato Point to unplug from the demands of life, we offer an incredible beachfront. Just beyond The Snack Shack you’ll find our sandy shores complete with bright rays and refreshing waters. You don’t need an ocean to have a beach vacation. That’s our backyard!


The sun is shining bright, the lake is getting warmer, and the summer fun has begun! There isn’t quite anything like Wapato Point Resort in July. We can’t wait to see you join in on the fun with us this summer!

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