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Why Should You Own or Think About Owning a Timeshare?

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Timeshare as a vacation ownership option offers some of the most enjoyable accommodations in the most popular holiday destinations around the world. The flexibility provided through timeshare ownership not only allows travelers the opportunity to vacation in fashion but a chance for families to build new memories with each generation while enjoying the comforts of home.

The coziness of the “home away from home” concept you get at Wapato Point Resort (WPR) has been the real drawing card to buying a timeshare coupled with the reduced financial risk that owning and maintaining a property outright can bring. Unlike the usual hotel or motel experience, these apartment-like accommodations typically have larger floor plans and the ability to provide both small and large groups comfort.

When you compare the costs and amenities of standard hotel rooms to the cost of timeshare ownership, the numbers can be very competitive. Think about the savings you get from prepared meals in the kitchen versus dining out every day and every meal for that matter. Or the cost savings when you have multiple family members joining your vacation and everyone doesn’t have to spend the cost of getting a separate hotel room. Timeshare ownership can provide some of the most affordable vacation options available depending on the program offered at the home location.


When buying a timeshare, not only does one get the opportunity to enjoy the same vacation year after year, but they can also choose to explore other places by exchanging their time through one of several programs available. Wapato Point Resort participates in exchange programs like Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) that offer like-kind exchanges. The timeshare exchange component of the industry has been the real game-changer. As a Subscribing Member, you can exchange your week for your choice of 7 nights at over 4,200 affiliated resort properties around the world.

These programs open the world to the timeshare owner, something you don’t get with annual hotel/Airbnb vacation planning.

Can’t use the weeks designated on your calendar and don’t want to plan in advance? With RCI, the time frame for booking an instant exchange is 45 days or less before the vacation start date, no need to plan in advance. This is a great way to take advantage of great resorts at the last minute!

RCI has 3 designations, Gold Crown, Silver Crown, and Hospitality. Wapato Point is and has been able to retain Gold Crown Status due to the high demand of the Resort.

If I am a part of the program, how do I make exchanges?

  1. Deposit your vacation time – may be done from 2 years to 14 days before the start date
  2. Request your exchange week/s at a comparable resort for the vacation time that you deposited
  3. Receive a confirmed exchange

Joining the timeshare family at WPR will give you the comfort of repetitive family vacationing or the flexibility to explore more places without having to pay the individual costs of vacation planning. Don’t let your weeks go to waste, travel the world, or just explore other resorts within driving distance.

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