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Wapato Point Cellars – Summer Wines!

Wapato point cellars

The water, activities, and tennis are endless! One great perk about staying with us is that you are a short stroll away from delicious food and incredible wine at Wapato Point Cellars. Cap your day with a wine tasting not far from your room and finish the evening with a delicious dinner. Wapato Point Cellars is the place to be for all your vino needs.


This award-winning wine is a beautiful blend of Muscat, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Grigio. Fresh and full of summer flare, Beach Daze goes perfectly with their seafood. Whether it be fire prawns or a summer pasta, you’ll find this glass of white pairs perfectly. Your palette will be pleased with prominent notes of sweet pear and pineapple.


Wapato Point’s Harmony is a light summer wine perfect for those warm summer days on the water. Drink in the sun or sip afterward with some delicious dinner. Boasting Pinot Grigio and Riesling, you’ll taste sweet peach, passion fruit, and hints of tropical flavors. Pairing beautifully with seafood, pastas, and lighter plates, a bottle of Harmony will appease your hunger and your tastebuds.


A unique take on a bottle of rosé, this wine bursts with flavors of summer strawberries, apple blossom, and raspberries. Their rosé is lovely for a mid-day lunch with a savory spinach salad topped with pecans or walnuts. The flavors of both compliment each other so well and it’s dry enough so you’re not overwhelmed by sweetness. Enjoy summer in a cup when you order this treat!


This 100% bottle of Syrah is one of the best on the menu at Wapato Point Cellars. With deep notes of plum, vanilla, black pepper and clove, this wine was made for the hearty meals at the Grill. Order yourself the Rib Eye Steak and feel the flavors blend in your mouth with ease. It’s no wonder this wine has won awards and accolades. Designed for the serious wine drinker, you’ll love this glass!


As stunning weather unfolds and we experience the wonder of summer once again on our shores, stop by The Winemaker’s Grill! With wine, plates, desserts and an atmosphere that is sure to please, you won’t regret a visit! Gather the family and visit this awesome dinner spot.

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