With the roots of the game firmly dating back over 500 years, this is a game perfect for the multi-generational family challenge. From grandparents to toddlers, this game can be played by the whole family, requiring both strength and subtlety at times to win.

Our Shuffleboard courts are located near the tennis courts and the Chelan-side beach. Grab a set and see which team will be victorious. Stop by the KIOSK and pick up your Shuffleboard equipment.

Ready, aim, pitch your shoe towards the stake. That’s right, how difficult can it be to toss a “ringer”? They say practice makes perfect and what a perfect opportunity to practice while on your perfect vacation.

Our horseshoe pit is located near the miniature golf course. Issue the challenge, pick up your horseshoes at the KIOSK, and let the games begin.

Trout Fishing
Wapato Point has a fully stocked Trout Pond available seasonally during the summer months. The Trout Pond is near the play area in the center of the property and boasts beautiful rainbow trout that range from 8 to 10 inches in length.

Catching fish in our pond is a great way to teach your kids the joys of fishing. Our pond gives the young fisherman a high chance of success while learning the art of fishing. You may rent fishing poles, complete with bait, from the KIOSK.

Ice Skating
Seasonally available during the winter months, our Ice Rink offers the opportunity to experience a unique winter sport. Our outdoor rink is located near the KIOSK just below the Clubhouse. Bundle up the family, get the hot chocolate ready, and test your skill at cutting figure eights on the ice. Ice skates may be rented from the KIOSK.