Current Projects @ Wapato Point


From 8am on Monday, April 12th to 5pm on Tuesday, April 13th, Ellowee Court will be closed for access.  The alternate routes used in past closures will be in place.  Additionally, Wapato Point Parkway will be reduced to a one lane flagger-controlled access only.  This will take place during same dates/times and will run from the 4 way stop at admin/clubhouse down to Lakeside.

Nekquelekin Update:

Interior paint is still in progress in bldg. 4

All case goods have been installed

All LR accent chairs have been installed

New kitchen supplies are in the process of being installed – pots/pans, cutting boards, knife sets, electric tea kettles, cooking utensils

Art work being installed over next few months

New Living Room TV’s being installed in April and May

Construction Calendar