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Chelan View Drive road closure in front of old Ellowee condos to Nekquelekin

The Ponderosa development contractor has discovered much more ground water run-off from the hill above the old Ellowee condos and consequently the contractor needs to install much more robust drainage, with deep trenching and new piping.  This will require a road closure that will block Nekquelekin’s main access road.

The contractor has agreed to limit closures to short term closure of the main access road.  The first closure will be this next Monday through Wednesday (1/25/21 – 1/27/21).  Owners checking in on 1/22/21 will have the closure explained to them and will receive instructions about how to access the Nekquelekin property Monday through Wednesday.  Alternate access for Nekquelekin will be provided through the back door from the road adjacent to the resort.

Wright Wapato and the contractor have agreed to do only short-term closures, and there shouldn’t be very many of those.  After this first closure, the contractor has agreed to give at least a week’s notice, of road closure.  The contractor will also endeavor to at least keep one lane open as much as they can and to limit having closures at all.

We will use the Owner Portal to keep owners informed as well as contact owners that have a week during the impacted time.

Nekquelekin Village:

Interior Painting of all units in progress!
New case goods for ALL units will be installed in December and January!
New living room accent chairs will be installed in December and January!

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