Explore the valley!

The spring season is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy all the beauty the Lake Chelan Valley has to offer. Temperatures are mild during the day and the hillsides are blooming with colorful wildflowers. As beautiful as the Wapato Point Resort grounds are, we recommend getting out to explore far and wide during your stay. Here are some of our favorite scenic drives, lookouts, and hikes.

Chelan Butte

Hiking to Elephant’s Head is a local favorite and affords views of both Lake Chelan and the Columbia River. If you’re looking for a quick hike, this may just be the choice for you. But if you’re looking for epic views, we suggest driving all the way to the top of the Chelan Butte to catch a gorgeous Lake Chelan sunset. From downtown Chelan, it’s about a 30-minute drive to the top and, believe us, it’s worth every second.*

Photo | Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce

South Shore drive

For a scenic drive, follow the south shore of Lake Chelan along US-97A until it turns into South Lakeshore Road. You can follow the road all the way to the end at 25-Mile Creek. Enjoy the stunning and peaceful scenery as you wind further and further up lake. The lush trees gradually grow denser, and the lake narrows as you continue on. Play your favorite music and relax as you twist and turn up the south shore. It’s the perfect way to pass a leisurely afternoon in Lake Chelan!

Photo | Manson Chamber of Commerce

Manson Lakes drive

Lake Chelan isn’t the only lake worth seeing on your trip. In the hills of Manson, you’ll find Antilon, Roses, Dry, and Wapato Lakes. Although these lakes are much smaller than the main attraction, taking a drive through the backroads of Manson to see them is well worth your time. Spend a day meandering the winding roads and taking in this lesser-known part of the Lake Chelan Valley. Break up the drive with stops at Four Lakes Winery or Tildio Winery to enjoy lake views with a glass of wine.

Echo Ridge hiking

The Echo Ridge trail system is just 10 miles from Wapato Point. Echo Ridge offers over 20 miles of hiking and biking trails for every difficulty level. The trails wind along ridges that open up to epic views of Lake Chelan and the Columbia River. If you’re hiking with the whole family, stick to shorter trails like the Lolly Pop or Toot Roll loops. If you’re looking for a challenge, try Lickety Split or Outback trails! Whether mountain biking, trail running, or hiking, a day spent winding through the various trails of Echo Ridge is a day well spent.

The outdoor possibilities are seemingly endless here in Lake Chelan. Enjoy a day outdoors to soak it all up. Your cozy Wapato Point unit will be waiting for you when you return. Happy trekking! 

*The road can be rocky and steep. Please be cautious and use a 4WD vehicle.