Bonfire Snacks at The Point

Here at The Point, we have a bonfire pit available to our guests all year long. We can’t think of a better way to end a Lake Chelan day than by unwinding and sharing stories around the fire. But most importantly, you can’t forget the bonfire snacks. We all love a good campfire s’more, but nothing says you can’t break from tradition and get a little creative. We’ve come up with some options if you’re ready to give something new a try. Look below for some incredibly tasting bonfire snacks that you need to try during your next bonfire.

Cinnamon Roll on a Stick

This snack on a stick is a delicious way to end your evening. Grab a cinnamon roll (or any other dough that speaks to you really) and your favorite roasting stick. By stretching the dough and wrapping it evenly, it will develop a nice even roast within 10-15 minutes. Pass out little cups of cinnamon roll icing to dip your warm, freshly roasted dough in. Delicious!

Roasted Fruit

Many types of fruit taste delicious roasted over an open flame. The best part is they take on a new consistency and comforting flavor after they’re fire-roasted. Strawberries and pineapple chunks are the most popular, but you can try just about anything. Be sure to chop them into bite-size pieces before you roast them. You can take things to the next level by sprinkling some cinnamon-sugar or spreading Nutella or caramel on your roasted fruit. YUM!

Date Night Treat

Grab your significant other, a bottle of wine and enjoy some quiet time around the fire. While sipping on your favorite Lake Chelan Cabernet, grab your roasting stick and try your hand at a more sophisticated fire-roasted treat. Alternate cherry tomatoes and prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella balls on a skewer and roast to perfection. Kick back and enjoy some stargazing while you enjoy this date night delicacy.


We all know how to build a traditional s’more, but did you know there are so many fun ways to add a twist to this favorite campfire snack? One of our favorite ways to mix it up is to sub Reeses’ cups for the traditional Hersheys chocolate. But don’t stop there, mint chocolate or cookies and cream chocolate are also tasty ways to amp up this treat. Another great option is to replace your graham crackers with cookies of your choosing.

Wapato Point Resort offers many more fun activities for your next vacation, make sure to check them out here!